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Cool Beans

Satisfyingly rich to play…

These books provide an injection of fresh repertoire for young string players.

Varied, vibrant and versatile collection of works to incorporate ensemble playing into beginner lessons - something certainly relished by teachers and students this side of the pandemic.

Davina Shum for The Strad, June 2023

‘Go out and buy it!’ I wholeheartedly cry out to all string teachers.


Duets are the super food of musical nutrition with innumerable benefits for young students.


The composers are experts in early learning and have created a fun collection new students will find rewarding from the get go.

Nina-Marie Plapp for Music Teacher, August 2023

Top Banana

Celia Cobb and Naomi Yandell have done it again. Here is another volume that will both delight and inform the young string player. It also expands the repertoire for teachers looking for pieces that are fun while, as is always the case with Cobb and Yandell, keeping sound pedagogy at the heart of the message.

Alex Laing for The Strad, June 2022

An excellent collection of enjoyable pieces

Steve Bingham for ARCO, ESTA magazine, Spring 2022


Delightful concert pieces

A lovely range of musical styles

An exemplary publication

Leonie Anderson for Music Teacher, February 2022

Take Your Bow

Dancing the Tango is primarily an exercise in harmonics, but it’s so well put together that ‘really fun’ and ‘can we do that again’ were the responses when I tried the book out on a pupil…


I like Hazy Days with its emphasis on bow division and the counting of its six-beat tie at the end.


This new series is highly recommended.

Anne Inglis for The Strad November 2018

This series comprises an excellent selection of pieces for beginner string players either as solo or group pieces.

The pieces sound great, and are also set out really clearly, one piece to each page.

I used them in my mixed beginner string group and everyone enjoyed the imaginative tunes and great accompaniments which are not too challenging for busy string teachers.


I will certainly use these pieces regularly, and have not hesitation in recommending them highly.

Veronique Matarasso for ARCO, ESTA magazine, Spring 2019

Trinity Theory of Music Workbooks

These are theory workbooks that will make a real impact in the theory-teaching world.  Here are theory books that remove any thought of drudge or boredom...

Yes, absolutely and wholeheartedly recommended...  I'm seriously impressed.
Andrew Marshall for ESTA News & Views Volume 32 No. 4

I’ve been really, really impressed with the new Trinity theory exams - the workbooks are fantastic, and the concepts are introduced at a lovely pace, very easy for kids to manage Grade 1 theory while they are working on Grade 1 practical.
Elissa Milne on forum

Cello All Sorts

Including not only excellent teaching material particularly sensitive to learning good bowing habits but also a very good spectrum of repertoire to whet many appetites, this well presented edition should help many beginners in their quest to express themselves on the cello.
Nicola Anderson for ESTA Arco Volume 35 No. 3


To buy these publications, please click here

String Note Books:
Practical Theory for Beginners

The layout of the books is particularly appealing.  The staves are very large - much bigger than the normal size used for beginners' music - making them inviting to look at…

There are also some great opportunities for students to think creatively…

They are well thought out…. and it's all valuable practice for beginners as they set out to understand the building blocks of music.

Catherine Nelson for The Strad April 2013



One of the things that makes this book so useful is that it links writing to reading to playing/hearing….  well worth considering for all beginner string players.
Helena Ruinard for Music Teacher 2013

A First Viola Note Book

The pace of the book is ideal for a young child…. A very good book that I hope will get the use it deserves.
Victoria Greenwood for ESTA Arco Volume 38 No. 2

Introducing Theory of Music:
first writing skills for musicians

'Introducing Theory of Music book is an excellent, clear and well-structured introduction to music theory that will engage a variety of age groups.’ 

Michael Pearce for Music Teacher August 2021


’This new book is a welcome addition to Trinity’s Theory of Music range, and one which I’m sure will be welcomed and widely used by teachers of all instruments and voice.  At £4.95 it is excellent value.’

David Barton Music

Sight Reading Strings:
A progressive method

‘It is not often that a sight reading book makes one smile with appreciation. Celia Cobb and Naomi Yandell have produced an inspirational collection of books for violin, viola, cello and double bass…’

Joanne Davies for Music Teacher 1 October 2021

‘Even if a teacher does not use Trinity exams with their students, these volumes are an excellent educational resource.’

Alex Laing for The Strad September 2021

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